15 - 16 April 2003

Into the Southwest

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A recreation of Dorothy's room from the Wizard of Oz.
The tinman from the Wizard of Oz.
The road west from Kansas.
Black Mesa in Oklahoma, just before New Mexico.
Caught in between two thunder storms in Oklahoma.
After the storm in New Mexico.
Capulin Volcano in New Mexico.
The Canadian River in New Mexico. I wonder how it got its name.
Inside the Cimarron Canyon in New Mexico.
The Eagle Nest in New Mexico. This is a huge basin high up in the mountains.
The town square in the town of Taos in New Mexico.
Wheeler Peak, the highest mountain in NM, over 4000m high.
The Rio Grande river gorge.
At the highest point over the Rocky mountains in NM at over 3200m.

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